Glowpear Urban Garden

Modern planter - modern planter box - modern white planter

The Glowpear Urban Garden is a modular, self-watering, modern planter with a built-in water reservoir. Each Glowpear Urban Garden can either stand-alone or be interconnected with other Glowpear Urban Garden planters.

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Why you'll love your Glowpear Urban Garden

The Glowpear Urban Garden is a modular planter specifically designed for growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the urban environment.

An iconic, contemporary design aesthetic and durable construction make these modern planters perfect for balconies, courtyards, decks and patios, while clever design features ensure they are ready for use on any surface, indoor or out.

Best of all, you'll never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants again. Every Glowpear Urban Garden comes with its own integrated self-watering system to ensure your plants thrive, regardless of your busy lifestyle.

Whatever your urban space, the Glowpear Urban Garden can be tailored to bring it to life. Its unique modular design allows each planter to either stand alone or be interconnected with additional modules to suit the individual requirements of your space and budget.

The Glowpear Urban Garden grows with you.

Modern planter - modern planter box - modern white planter

Key Features

The Glowpear Urban Garden is a modern planter packed with innovative features. Don't take our word for it though, we've provided the diagram above so you can check it out for yourself.


Modern planter - modern planter box - modern white planter
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