Jon Kingston - Sydney King


Jon Kingston describes himself as a 'free range urban horticulturalist'.

He spends his time designing, installing and maintaining balcony and roof top garden spaces around Sydney, Australia.

Jon particularly enjoys his work with the visitors at The Wayside Chapel in their roof top community garden, demonstrating community gardening as a way of life.

More recently he has been partnering up with Indira Naidoo at The Edible Balcony on gardening projects around Australia.

Sustainability, organic food production and enhancement of the natural environment drive Jon’s work, and he notes;

"Glowpear planters are an easy and stylish way to garden in small and difficult to reach spaces like roof tops and balconies."

This has led to a range of projects where Jon has used Glowpear.

He has taken a particular liking to the Cafe Planter for both an organic rooftop kitchen garden and herbal in Tamarama, and bar garden incorporating herbs, flowers and indigenous herbs for Lotus Restaurant on the Barangaroo waterfront.

"We're also looking at an expansion of The Wayside Chapel’s gardening program to a new location at Bondi Beach."

We think that sounds pretty swish!

You can follow Jon’s adventures in urban food gardening, native bee keeping, seed collection and habitat gardens on Instagram

Carrie Forrest - California Dreamin'


Carrie Forrest is California-based blogger sharing inspiration for healthy, balanced living. 

Her professional background is in non-profit healthcare fundraising and masters degrees in business administration and in public health (nutrition).

With that expertise, her online business is intended to inspire, inform, and connect with people interested in finding health and balance.

She loves sharing recipes using ingredients that she finds supportive to good health, often gluten- and dairy-free, using real food ingredients. 

carrie logo.png

When Carrie and her husband Alan moved to Pismo Beach on the coast north of LA, they dreamt of living a clean and green lifestyle in practice. They soon discovered Glowpear, and got to work  setting up an urban garden on their compact patio. 

Alan set their Glowpear Urban Gardens up in the living room to get a sense of scale, and then the pair moved the planters outside to plant up.

Then Carrie weaved her organic magic, with herbs and cucumbers for her first ever gardening experience.


"I bought small organic starter plants because I didn’t feel confident enough to start from seed. I later added some trellises for the cucumbers that went absolutely nuts!" Carrie says.

"I’ll probably plant a fall/winter garden at the end. of this season, but for now, I’m so enjoying the edible greenery." Carrie says.  

Sounds like a good plan to us Carrie!

Read more about Carrie's story here

Paul and Angela - NY city living

Paul and Angela are New Yorkers, who have been married now for 15 years.  

Whilst Angela works in the medical field, Paul spends most of his time in broadcasting, and performing hip-hop around the US as UncommonNasa.

When the couple were able to buy their own home, they didn't want the traditional house with a picket fence and yard.

They wanted to live in an urban building with edge, however not too far from where they grew up. In their search they found a great place in an up-and-coming neighbourhood of their native Staten Island, a quintessential part of the fabric of New York City.

"Living an urban lifestyle is something we really cherish, but that didn't mean we didn't want to enjoy gardening, or some level of greenery in our lives." Paul says.  

"We were clueless when it came to actually putting that sort of thing together on our modest balcony. Then Angela came across Glowpear online and it looked perfect."  

They wandered into a gardening store, bought some soil, herbs and outdoor season plants, and before they knew it, they had an urban forest on their balcony.

"A friend visiting from Maine commented that he'd never seen basil that tall anywhere, and we had it right in our Glowpear in the middle of a busy street, five floors up" Angela remarked.  

"We've been eating the herbs we grow, and gifting bunches to friends as well, all winter!"

They can't wait to do this all over again, this time with a little more experience!

Click here for more on UncommonNasa


Ryan Young - Changing the Landscape

People often ask Ryan Young what makes him different to other landscape designers, and what is a ‘Sustainable Landscape’?

"The core to ensuring a landscape design is sustainable, is to have a holistic approach built around ‘energy spent to energy gained’." Young explains.

"I give careful consideration to the use of renewable resources, low energy consumption, minimal water use, low to zero toxicity and minimal, with a view to zero, waste."

Young understands the importance of the balance between land-ecosystems, micro-climates and geography. His design outcomes focus on economic viability, biodiversity and social engagement. The designer's philosophy focuses on landscapes to be self-perpetuating, with the long term vision of an evolutionary process spanning generations. Young says, "I create landscapes for today without compromising tomorrow!"

This award winning landscaper has installed a number of 'modular' type garden beds in his years in the design industry, and has found many to be frustrating and clunky. Young now often works with Glowpear, because he likes how simple the Urban Garden is to install, and most importantly, easy to use and maintain.

"As a bonus they are a very attractive and adaptable unit." Young explains.

To see more of Ryan's work, go to Ryan Young Design

The Coulthards - Family Farming

The Coulthard family of Melbourne are busy bees. Stuart Coulthard is a director of Rubiix, a boutique business accounting firm. Stuart's wife Yasmin is a dentist and runs her own Arbonne business which is a beauty, skin care and healthy living product range. They have been married for 6 years and have 2 young children Harper (4 years) and Darcy (2 years) who keep them busy, and entertained.

The Coulthard's love gardening for a number of reasons. They both love to cook so having fresh ingredients such as herbs, tomatoes and vegetables hopefully takes their cooking to another level, it also suits Yasmin’s healthy lifestyle business. Another reason is that both of their children love being outdoors and love to help. "Setting the gardens up and watering and then harvesting is a family activity we all enjoy" says Stuart of his Glowpear Urban Garden. "We all love getting out and getting our hands dirty, with the kids, its not just their hands that gets dirty."

The Coulthard's have discovered that the Glowpear planters perfectly their home as they live in inner suburbia so space is limited, plus the planters look so good a number of their friends have commented on the trendy 'boxes' in the yard. "We have also found them so easy to use and look after the produce, I’m still amazed at the difference in plant growth between what's in the planter boxes and plants in traditional pots." says Yasmin. "All I need to worry about now is keeping the pests away which have included our 2 little dogs, Coco and Jabba!"

Wanda Hernadi - A Green Epiphany

Wanda Hernadi is one Glowpearian who knows where she's going. Her corporate career and busy lifestyle mean she's always on the go, however she took the time to write to us recently to share her  "green" epiphany.

"It was but a subtle beckoning to reconnect with a more basic, zen way of sustainable, environmentally savvy living. This ephiphany was no doubt the resultant of our crazy, hectic urban lifestyle at its most busiest. It was a slow realisation that the zen that I was seeking was typically found to be the most basic. One of these return to basics for me is simply growing our own organic herbs and seasonal vegetables, integrating it with our cuisine and plating it on the table shared over conversation and laughter with family & friends. Backyard farming is an opportunity to bring part of the agrarian movement back to your own backyard (or in our case courtyard as well). I believe in lazy gardening, I do like the aesthetics and all thing pretty & luxe."

 Wanda goes on to talk about her new urban garden. "As an example, the Glowpear is the perfect sustainable and functional addition to our garden & courtyard. Although nature and urban can sometimes seem mutually exclusive, the idea of living that little bit environmentally savvier as a means of both comfort and lifestyle is very much achievable. ...and of course done with a little glamour and pizzazz!" We think Wanda is onto something!

David Kennedy - Artisan to Roast

Glowpearian David Kennedy and his Byron Bay based company, Bun Coffee  is testament to both his passion and skill as a coffee roaster, and his vision as a businessman. Established in 2005, Bun Coffee has grown from a bespoke roastery to a thriving brand with customers all over the world.

David has Glowpear Urban Garden planters proudly on display at the Byron roastery - growing coffee plants of course! He loves the contemporary aesthetic and the lack of maintenance required, “I think they’re particularly suited to small spaces and urban settings. They look great.”

Next time you’re in Byron Bay, drop in and grab a world class coffee, or alternatively keep an eye out for a local cafe or reseller that stocks their products. You can also keep up with them on Instagram.

Nicole Law - Art is Nature

Nicole Law is an artist, focusing on organic forms inspired by nature, with a particular fondness for native Australian flora. The real 'art' of her creative practice though is not so much the content, but the process. Firstly, she tries to work daily, and secondly, she works within her limits. As a full-time mum she purposefully limits her media and palette, and can get on with drawing even with only a ten minute window in a day. We asked Nicole why she joined the Glowpear family. "We love our Urban Garden - as renters we don’t have much opportunity to make gardens 'ours', so the Urban Garden gives us a way to not only plant whatever we like, but its also a way to show our kids where food comes from. Our first planting is the 'Spring Harvest' cocktail - the lettuces are going well, but there has been a bit of collateral damage thanks to our 15 month-old being rather fond of pulling out the seedlings around the perimeter! It doesn’t hurt that the Urban Garden is a bit of a looker too!"

You can check out Nicole's work at, or on Instagram, just look for her art is certainly on our gift list for the artistically inclined ;)