Planting the seed

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Fruit, vegetables, herbs & flowers

Select your plants to fill your Glowpear Urban Garden from a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Despite its convenient size, the Glowpear Urban Garden features a deceptively large growing volume. So think big when planning your urban garden, inside or out, the possibilities are endless. 


Plotting the deed

Your Glowpear Urban Garden experience is meant to be enjoyable, so don't stress when it comes to planting, we're here to help.

Lloyd the Farmer's mail can assist you in correct seasonal planting, spacing ideas, pest strategies, indoor options, compatible companions and other considerations for your chosen plants.

Also, check out our awesome COCKTAIL LIST for some amazing seasonal planting inspiration!


A sunny disposition

Sun is another essential element in the development of healthy plants, as it aids in the photosynthesis process.

Sun can help warm the soil and germinate seeds where seed planting has occurred.

Once established, most plants have a preferred position relative to the sun, whether it is full sun, partial shade, or full shade. This may also vary with the seasons. 

For these reasons it is important to think about your position when planting seeds or planting seedlings.

Information is usually communicated on seedling punnets, seed packets, or can be easily accessed by asking the staff at your local nursery.

If required, the Glowpear® Urban Garden can be comfortably lifted and moved by two people to change its position relative to the sun, cater for new plants, or accommodate the changing seasons.

Check out Lloyd the Farmer's mail for more help with with your seasonal planting.

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